basic on my last post..I was talking about Afterschooling..definisinya ada dlm artikel What is Afterschooling: Supplementing Your Child’s Education by Allison Goines
kyknya makin mantep niy…n that means, banyak juga yg musti dipersiapkan…(lengkapnya ada dlm artikel ini)

First of all; Decide what you want to emphasize..
Do you want to use the subjects your child is learning in school as a platform for expansion? Or would you rather create your own units? Will you choose traditional subjects like math and reading, or will you use afterschooling time for music, art, and dance?

intinya, kita kudu tentuin dulu kurikulum afterschooling kita..mau berdasarkan pelajaran2 di skolah (mengulang pelajaran, pendalaman, atau pengerjaan PeeR), atau mau kita bedakan, yi mengisi waktu2 afterschooling kita dgn pendidikan seni, musik, atau dance whoaaa….syerrruuuu…

point ke-2; Gauge your time
Try to estimate how much time per day or per week your family will devote to afterschooling. You may be working around school schedules, bus schedules, PTA meetings, and other activities. Your child needs enough “free” time to relax and unwind and enough time to complete their given schoolwork. Like anything, give the family time to adjust to a new schedule and routine.

Yup, yg bagian ini emang kudu ada “pembicaraan” nih ama “peran utamanya”..hehe Ais mksdnya..The last thing I want is for my child get tired of school. .pkknya gak pengen ada paksaaan deh..yg penting kudu Fun!!!!mgkn yg paling enak pas weekend ya..atau pas liburan gt..klo hari2 sekolah, ya ngulang2 aja kali yaa..biar gak bosen…n malemnya spt biasa..time to “telling story” ala bunda..:)

Ketiga; Find your sources
Like anyone who is schooling their child in any way, your own philosophy will play a large role in carrying out afterschooling. You may prefer to use supplemental workbooks or curriculum. Or you may go the unschooling route, and take life and public/private school as the menu from which you afterschool.
Nah ini penting buanget niy..cari sumber untuk kurikulum n asupan2 utk Workbook/worksheet..yaa, so far i can find all in the Internet..:) ya bunda..semangat deh searching kurikulum utk Tk n SD..spt di artikelnya Allison Goines, dia blg, For my oldest child, who attends public school, I review subjects that he has already learned and clear up any questions that he might have about them. I introduce concepts that he will be learning in the next grade to give him a head start on learning.

seruuu sekaliii..ayooo..semangat bundaaaa…