is that really you?


sometimes i wonder, how can somebody i’ve known become so..unknown…so..what ya? asing bgt gtlah…*cape keminggris*

ya intinya gt dear..and it happens a lot…with my sahabat…and today i find happens with him too..

yea, i don’t really care ’bout him though..but, it still so shocking me when i sat besides him in his car last night (in accidentally met), and i know him nothing…big zero..nothing. well, besides he’s so..annoyed 😦

and my baby cried, when he left..hurts me when u did that, Ais…please don’t cry..this is something i can’t give you..

Ah, someday u’ll understand..Please make him understand My Robb…Please help me…Don’t You ever ever leave me alone..please don’t…

i wish u see the way Ais cry..sedihhhh bgt…and there’s nothing i can do..just hold him tight and wishper “i love you ais, i’m here”..over and over again, until… he wiped his tears and smile..oh, i love that smile…i can feel it in my heart…:-)

and he kissed me, and said..”i love you too bunda…aku boleh ya minta di ceritain 2x malam ini, aku lg sedih”

Ah ya..of course Ais..and the story begin…until his beautiful eyes rest, and the day become dark…

I love you Ais..maybe i can’t give you the picture of a happy family with mother and father side by side smiling…but i can give you the biggest heart, the biggest love…even if u need it, i can give you my whole life..just to see u smile..just to hear u say I love you too…

Ya Allah, please don’t leave me…I can’t do this without Your Love..please be there…please be…

2 Komentar (+add yours?)

  1. lia
    Nov 11, 2008 @ 15:58:54

    I love reading your writting. hope the best for both of you. remember Iam still here. Tetep Semangat ya…

    Ngah Ia


  2. anintadiary
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 09:33:40

    @ lia..

    Duh ngah Ia…Kangeeennnnnnnnnn..
    thanks ya udah mampir n comment..
    ditunggu kedatangannya di jkt…apa kt ke takengon?..waww syenangnya..

    thanks ya li..I know u’re always there for me..*hugs lia*


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